Seed to Sale Tracking with Delta Ag Partners

July 13, 2021 | Customer Spotlight, Video Vault

Delta Agriculture (Delta Ag) is the largest industrial scale producer of hemp raw goods in the US. Through their proprietary farming methods, they bring commoditization and scale to an otherwise fractured marketplace. They’ve begun to do so with the help of Arbre Technologies RFID Solutions designed specifically for seed to sale tracking.

Delta Agriculture uses Arbre’s Mobile Application paired with RFID hardware to track their hemp from Bale to Bag during the milling process. State Compliance makes the ability to track and trace plants through every step of production vital in this industry, and RFID provides the visibility that the Delta Agriculture team requires.

An RFID Tag is attached to each Bale of hemp upon receipt at the milling facility and then populated via the Arbre mobile app right in the field before beginning the Milling Process.

Using Arbre’s Split Inventory Feature, The Delta Agriculture team can automatically split these inventory items into many more, keeping the initial RFID data of the bale intact, effectively eliminating human error and increasing overall traceability.

This means more dollars to your bottom line. If your team is looking for a user friendly, data-driven solution to enhance your seed to sale tracking, contact Arbre Technologies today to see how our Track and Trace RFID applications can revolutionize how you manage your inventory.

Read the full case study here:

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