RFID Solutions for Cannabis and Hemp Growers

Cannabis and hemp producers have to deal with uncertain markets and scarce resources. This makes it imperative for growers to be able to track and trace their inventory with a minimum of resources.

Fortunately, Arbré Technologies has a full range of RFID-based inventory solutions designed to efficiently track and manage all your green assets, including plants, trays, pots, pallets, racking, bins, and more.

Inventory data can be easily downloaded into multiple programs for tracking and analysis, and can feed into your point-of-sale and financial management systems – giving your business the 360-degree view you’d been looking for.

Finally, our system generates the traceability reports you need to stay compliant, as more states ramp up regulations. Our File Management functionality also allows you to store compliance files, lab tests and other regulatory documentation with inventory items to help with track-and-trace compliance.

rfid for cannabis and hemp growers

How to leverage RFID technology in your business

Accurate Inventory

RFID can be used to easily track the movements of every single plant throughout your operation, giving you real-time data and reducing human error.

Improve Efficiency

Our customers regularly see efficiency gains of 80-90%, allowing them to reallocate employees and reduce labor costs.

Better Data

Get insights that will help you make better decisions about the future, stay competitive, and run your business more efficiently.

Seed to Sale Tracking with Delta Ag Partners

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Learn how America’s largest, full-service hemp raw goods producer automated their business for compliance and future growth.

Hemp Innovations: 3D Printing to RFID Tracking

Learn how RFID technology is used in the hemp and cannabis industry, from inventory control to track and trace (starts at 10:25).

Customer Testimonial

Starting at Delta Ag Partners, the Arbre system was already in place, I found it to be very user friendly and easy to understand. I appreciate that their team listens to our suggestions and needs and gets to work creating a solution that will work for us and our inventory challenges. Their team has been a pleasure to work and communicate with! As we move forward, I find that Arbre is evolving with us and has allowed us to make great progress when it comes to tracking our products here at Delta Ag Partners, and we are excited about implementing more features as we grow.

Krista Kemp

Colorado Site Administrator, Delta Ag Partners

RFID technology has been proven across industries for years. It’s stable, tested technology that works. Contact us today to learn more and see if it’s the right fit for your business.

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