Lean Consulting

Arbré Tech is proud to offer Lean Manufacturing consulting from Lean Black Belt Michael Schwarz!

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean methodology focuses on eliminating business waste and maximizing productivity. Lean can be applied to many different kinds of businesses, including those in the green industry. Lean develops teams and builds operational excellence and continuous improvement, moving your business forward.

Here are four reasons to go Lean:

  • Lean streamlines the company’s processes! Implementing Lean lets a business streamline its organizational processes. Efficiencies are realized and the business can work at its full potential. This reduces production costs and increases speed to market.
  • Lean removes waste! Lean addresses the Eight Areas of Waste: transportation, extra processing, defects, waiting, overprotection, inventory, extra motion, and non-utilized talent. By eliminating waste, a company can eliminate time spent on unnecessary tasks.
  • Lean can build team commitment! A Lean operation requires that a company must recognize a need for change. This requires focus from all team members. In many instances, Lean techniques have spurred a company-wide assessment of manufacturing processes, building teamwork and cooperation.
  • The job is never done! A key element of Lean is “continuous improvement.” There are always opportunities to become more Lean.

Mike would love to hear from you and discuss what Lean could do for your business.

Please complete our contact form and specify you would like to explore Lean Manufacturing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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