Arbré Nursery Adds File Management

“Arbré Tech has been an invaluable partner in realizing our goals around real-time inventory solutions using RFID technology. Finding an organization with a clear understanding of our industry and others was critical in our journey towards a whole technology solution, not just one component or another. Arbré understands that its solutions need to work seamlessly with our systems, people and processes.

Rob Vanderkruk, President, Connon Nurseries

Our file management functionality, available on the Arbré Nursery mobile and web apps, lets you attach to an individual record a wide variety of file types – everything from PDFs to spreadsheets to graphics. Below are just a couple of the benefits this capability.


Store compliance files, lab tests and other regulatory documentation with inventory items to help with track-and-trace compliance


Store Records

Attach vendor claim documentation, plant health records, spray records, and crop insurance files directly to a plant or tree profile

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