Case Study: Delta Agriculture

The Customer

Delta Agriculture is America’s largest, full-service hemp raw goods producer, with a focus on consistent and high-quality, large-scale production. They’ve been at this a little over a year and are looking to the future.

According to COO Nick Strawn, hemp is a crop with limitless potential – unfortunately the regulatory bodies need to catch up. In an ever-changing and uncertain market, they knew that to pull it off they needed as much data as possible for compliance and economic considerations.

That’s where Arbré Technologies comes in. Download the case study below to get the whole story.

Delta Agriculture
Delta Ag Cover

Download the Case Study

Learn how Delta Agriculture automated their business for compliance and to plan for future growth.

“I believe the services they provide are necessary for the future of this crop, to provide it [with] the transparency and traceability that is expected with large-scale agriculture.”

Nick Strawn

Chief Operator Officer, Delta Agriculture

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