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What’s Your Inventory Management Challenge?


I need to know how much inventory I have at any time

Our RFID-based solutions can help you track your inventory down to the last unit, so you always know what you have on hand.


I have limited resources – time, people, and money

Our process-driven solutions reduce in-field labor costs by more than 80% and increase efficiency by 90% or more.


My business needs to grow and remain competitive

Gain an edge over your competitors with better business intelligence that helps you understand needs and opportunities instantly.


I spend too much time on redundant tasks

Our software integrates seamlessly with your website and current business and financial management systems, eliminating duplicate entry and improving accuracy.

Arbré Tech has been an invaluable partner in realizing our goals around Real-Time Inventory Solutions using RFID technology. Finding an organization with a clear understanding of our industry and others was critical in our journey towards a whole technology solution, not just one component or another. Arbré understands that its solutions need to work seamlessly with our systems, people and processes.

Only one season in now, we are very encouraged by the results we are seeing with respect to labor savings and improved management data, especially when it comes to inventory cycle counts and location updates. The ability to capture inventory GPS coordinates while updating counts lends itself to automatically updating locations without additional steps or processes as well – that’s a game-changer for us. RFID is quickly becoming a necessity in our business, and we are in full support of Arbré’s solution as an industry-standard tool.

Rob Vanderkruk

President, Connon Nurseries

Customers in 21 states and 5 countries

Millions in nursery stock orders processed

Million inventory items tracked to date

The Arbré Difference

rfid symbol icon

Rugged RFID

Our tags are built to withstand the most extreme conditions in any application

field symbol icon

Zone Mapping

Know your inventory, down to the last unit, with built-in zone mapping

caliper symbol icon

Sizing Driven

Reduce sizing costs by more than 80% with the in-field calipering mode, regardless of the sizing metric you use

profile symbol icon

Instant Profile

Simply scan the RFID tag to populate the item’s profile on Android or iOS devices

Managing Your Inventory Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Our full software suite is specifically designed to track and manage green assets efficiently, leading to increased ROI, enhanced customer satisfaction, and reallocation of human resources.

Customer Testimonials

Finally! An innovative inventory management program tailored for the nursery industry that actually works. Chasing caliper and height sizes has always been a challenge for us, but not now. We have been using Arbré Technologies for two years now! I cannot begin to express how amazing it is to be able to update caliper size and create a sale in seconds on my cell phone and have it immediately available.

Stacey Jones, Sales & Inventory Manager

Urban Forest Nursery Inc.

When we began Leaves Inspired Tree Nursery five years ago, our main goal was to produce a diverse selection of high-quality shade and ornamental trees in the most efficient way possible. Arbré Technologies’ software has streamlined our inventory management by reducing the time needed for data collection, reducing redundant activities, and reducing human error that historically plagued nurseries.

Jared Stroobants, Co-owner

Leaves Inspired

We starting using Arbré Tech this past summer and have been so happy we made the switch. The software is so user-friendly and the ability to “go mobile” and access the inventory from multiple devices has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy. I love the ability to update inventory in the field, in real time rather than tied to a desk with multiple scratch notes and adjustments to make.

Heather Byers, Co-owner

Great Plains Nursery

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